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I would NOT buy from this company, and all I can do is spread the word about my experience. There are so many complaints! Despite that, I decided to give them a chance by sending an e-mail inquiry to test the waters. The e-mail conversation convinced me that this company is NOT worthy of my business. This business will continue losing sales at an exponential rate unless they rid themselves of that abusive manner towards their customers. I am SO glad I did my research and did NOT buy from this company.

I copied the e-mails below. I only asked about how the camera is powered because I planned to buy FOUR of them to be able to record all around my car. Keep in mind that I NEVER mentioned the number of cameras I was interested in because I ONLY asked about power and stated my basic needs. I was polite with my initial inquiry and with my response to HIS confusing response. His rude responses were totally unprovoked. This experience is so weird! Oh well. He lost a very good sale. There is too much competition out there, and I will take my business elsewhere.

Consumers: despite the rebuttals from this business, you must do your research, and the complaints ARE valid. The rebuttals actually serve to prove the points of the pissed consumers. It's funny and frustrating at the same time. I can't believe the company actually posted this "mommy's boy" rebuttal! You can find it here at Ripoff Report:


MY 1ST E-MAIL: "I like your product from what I can see on your website. I am looking for a video surveillance system for my car that would capture incidents and/or vandalism when I am away from my car. Yours looks like it is only powered when the car is running and would not work if the car is off and parked. Am I wrong? Thanks"

THEIR RESPONSE (and that person did not even sign a name): "there would need to be a camera mounted on a bldg, tree or in a window facing the automobile."

MY RESPONSE: "My question was about the power, so I don't understand your response. How is your camera powered when the car is parked?"

THEIR RESPONSE: "I answered this….. our camera will not do this… it records the ROAD… it is road recording camera… it will not record to the left, right…. behind…. only has power when your car is ON…."

ATTENTION Bill Mullen,,, Audio Deterrent Systems...You need to reach your customer by clarifying what you understand and what your customer's needs are to avoid any embarrassing responses, and you can sell your product. If the customer's needs do not match the product they are asking for, you can redirect them to something that is closer to meeting their needs. Even if you do not have a current product that meets the customer's needs, you could potentially maintain positive contact in case a future product comes out that can help your customer. EVERY inquiry represents possible future sales, and a derogatory response will severely damage your reputation (or validate the negative one you already have).

I really hope you are listening to your lost customers and learning from your mistakes.

Here is an example of what a proper response looks like and how you could have won a good sale: "Thank you for your e-mail. The camera is only powered when the car is running. If you want to power the camera and record while the car is parked, you will need to find another power source. I understand you would like to record all around your car, and I would be happy to work with you since you would need multiple cameras to accomplish this or I can help you find another product that better suits your needs. Respectfully,….”

Review about: Customer Service.

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